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Through the eyes of a frontline officer, these tales are raucous, fun, and heartbreaking in equal measure. Loosely autobiographical, The Powder Blue Negligee: Adventures of a Probation Officer imparts a few unforgettable memories of a career spent in service. Beginning as a rookie on probation detail in the late 1960s and becoming a member of a multi-agency unit, then finally as the designer and coordinator of the first juvenile detention officer academy in the state of Arizona, this officer discovers what it takes to keep an eye on the bad guys—and the good ones—all the while keeping his wits, wisdom, and sense of humor about him. From dealing with car thieves, prostitutes, and hoodlums, these adventures are often lighthearted, at times surreal and always entertaining. 

Eighty-two vignettes in all, each short anecdote reads as a separate memory, flashback or quip. Broken into eight chapters with titles such as “Projects and Barrios,” “Some Highlights from the Field,” “Jail and Detention,” “Homes Away from Home” and “The Academy,” readers are afforded insight into what it is to serve one’s community with honor, decency and integrity. A few tales are truly sad: readers will learn of a cop who arrested his own son after a high-speed car chase and a transsexual prostitute named Shallah. Readers will learn that mothers will do almost anything to keep their babies out of detention and that New Year’s Eve is not a good time for a riot. If you are interested in the Criminal Justice System, thinking of becoming an officer of the law, or even considering breaking the law—read this book.

Cathy Soltero, one of the author’s close colleagues writes: 

 “This officer, more affectionately known as “The Captain,” is a truly colorful character. I was fortunate to work two tours of duty with him in Detention, one at the beginning of my career and once toward the end of his. Despite the fact that those two tours of duty were more than a decade apart, The Captain had not succumbed to the pressures of the agency to change with each swing of the pendulum from punitive to rehabilitative. He remained a consummate professional, with integrity to be true to himself and more importantly, to be true to those he proudly and passionately served. I am and will be forever grateful that I was fortunate enough to have worked at his side, learned from The Captain and was polished by his, sometimes coarse, tutelage, to become the probation officer I have become. His wit, sarcasm and gruff exterior distanced him form the agency’s higher career ladder but forever endeared him to the clients he came in contact with, who even now call and ask for The Captain, years after his retirement.” —Cathy Soltero.

 Reader's Reviews:

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Do they ever learn?

Whether you work in juvenile justice, social services or as a drug/alcohol/addictions counselor, we all see the same people, sometimes over and over. What a great way to see yourself through the eyes of another who puts their efforts into trying to help people who are unable, unwilling or just trying their best to stay within the lines of the legal system. It's a good way to laugh at yourself because if you work with this population of society, you've "been there, done that", and it gives you the reasons why we all continue to work with this group of people. Great read for anyone.

By Diann Ferreira

Great Book 

Wonderful book. The real deal. Mr. Niemann reveals honesty, humor and compassion. Would make a great TV show!

By Margaret A. Miller

Loved the book! 

If you like a good mystery, you will like this book. I bought three and gave them away for Xmas gifts, keeping one for myself, of course. Buy one, You won't regret it........

By Darrell L. King

Gold Star for Powder Blue!

From the immediate impact of the title, the visual verity of the dramatic blue cover, throughout this gripping and very readable memoir, I'd recommend this book to anyone!

By J. M. Hubbell

Wonderful stories! For anyone who hasn't considered how the man in blue that is writing your ticket is handling his world, a must read.

By D. Bennett
Great Read! 

This book gives a great inside into the world of a probation officer. Is written with some humor and the stories are easy and fun to read.

By K. Voice

Great book! Highly recommend!

I found "The Powder Blue Negligee" to be a easy, fun and informative read. Once I started the book I could not put it down. Being in the Law Enforcement Profession I associated with many of the stories in the book and found myself wanting to keep reading because I wanted to know if I could relate to the author's next experience.  The book also gives those outside the criminal justice system an honest look inside the system. I would definitely recommend reading the book.

By L. Kamps

What an entertaining book! This is a vignette of the job as well as the cases this man worked. One tends to think that the case ends with the 60 Minute segment on TV. This book has taught me that there are real people behind the story! I laughed when I read the account of the motorcycle key being missing! I would never see this in CSI Miami. I recommend this book for its comedy and the tragedy of real life. 5 stars!!!!

By S. L. Ramey

Great book! A must read for anyone with any interest in law enforcement. Well written and a very easy read. Very hard to put it down once you get started.

By N. Gerszewski

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