Kurt Niemann

During early May, 2009, I was contacted by the WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR ENTERTAINMENT agency, a talent and entertainment agency, based at Beverly Hills, California. I have contracted to be represented by that agency for the purpose of causing, first a Pilot, then a series of Episodes, to be produced and aired on television. All will be based on the contents of THE POWDER BLUE NEGLIGEE.  Creation of the Pilot is currently in development! 

Clearly, this is a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity! When I wrote THE POWDER BLUE NEGLIGEE, I had no thoughts of this book being read by a Hollywood Producer and being contacted by what I have discovered is one of the largest agencies in the world! I have been engaged in a number of telephone conversations with my Agent, and in a conference call with a CBS Vice President, along with gentlemen from Paramount, including the Producer. To describe my on going reaction to this incredible stroke of good fortune, I can only say: I am totally euphoric over being blessed with this wonderful HONOR and OPPORTUNITY!!!   

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